Free Online Resources for Video Conferencing (JoinMe, ZOOM, WebEx)

How to Install & Use JoinMe

1. Go to

2. Create an Account by signing up (no credit card required!)

3. Follow steps or SKIP!

4. Check your Inbox and Verify your email.

5. Once you Verify – a new window will appear with the following options:

6. Type in a custom link, optionally, can add a phone number. Click Save then Start.

7. If choose ‘Computer Settings” – allow your computer to access the microphone & camera. If you choose the phone (must have input phone #).

8. Wait for participants:

How to Install & Use Zoom

Zoom’s website has lots of resources on how to utilize its services. Here are the basics to get you started!

1. Go to

2. Select ‘Getting Started’.

3. Select which Device you will be using:

4. Select which operating system you will be using & follow instructions:

5. Select which device you will be using & follow instructions:

How to Install & Use webEx

1. Go to

2. Sign Up! (No credit card needed!)

3. Input a. Country b. First name c. Last name.

4. Check email inbox for further verification & instructions.

5. Verify Account by clicking on the account link.

6. Link will take you to a new window. Fill out password (follow password criteria) – click continue:

7. Click on ‘More ways to join’ – you will be able to share the information provided with participants:

8. Click on ‘Start Meeting’- wait for room.

9. Enjoy meeting!

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