For Immediate Release: Opening YEG Business to the World in Virtual Reality

Jan 12, 2018

Opening YEG Business to the World in Virtual Reality

For Immediate Release 01.12.2018

CompuVision is pleased to announce being the first managed service company to unveil its 360 tour in virtual reality. Our state of the art facility can now be viewed from anywhere in the world, opening the doors of business and communication on a global scale. This also brings awareness to the relationship we have with TELUS as their partner with IT Complete , your fully staffed, outsourced IT department from TELUS, to push virtual reality and the 360 experience on a local and national level.


“As we transform ourselves into a technology company that provides managed services, it made complete sense to fully leverage Virtual Reality in our business development strategy. We are thrilled to offer a 360-tour experience to showcase our state of the art facility and the disruptive technology that happens here on a daily basis,” says Ryan Vestby CEO of CompuVision.


You can request a password to view the tour, and opt in to receive a branded pair of Google Cardboard glasses. The tour is available here.


“With the launch of the 360 tour we hope that people want to use our space as a technology hub in Edmonton. We are open to the business community to host their off-site management meetings or board meetings here or just to learn about technology from a business perspective. In 2017, we facilitated over 150 physical tours of our office and we will double that number in 2018. With the 360 tour and virtual experience that number might even triple” said Vestby.


For more information, visit CompuVision.Biz



About CompuVision

CompuVision is a metro Edmonton company that provides strategic IT services for medium to large business and enterprises across North America. For CompuVision, strategic IT includes the expected immediate issue response, but is bolstered by long-term strategic planning, support, and anticipation of client needs with technology. We set out to change the way you are doing business by connecting you to technology.


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