Coming February 2020: all your latest tech questions answered, all in one place!

Dec 13, 2019

What’s the latest ransomware threat? What’s the coolest and best software for business? How can I get more from my MSP?

Hot Topic is a weekly video answering questions like these and more!

Technology moves fast, like FAST, fast. It’s a part of everything we do, yet few can keep up with the pace it moves, the trends it creates and the threats it poses. We’re all learning and expanding our knowledge, so let’s learn together!

The Hot Topic will be a weekly video featuring trends, lessons and tips about everything you need to know to protect your company now and bring it into the future. As managed service providers, we have our fingers on the pulse of technology’s digital heartbeat and have created this series to keep that information flowing to the people it affects the most.

So, starting in February 2020, we will Manage, Protect, and Accelerate technology news in a straightforward, information-packed, weekly video that will: 

Manage: How can the most basic tech elevate your work life? We bring you tips and tricks on how to use little-known and hidden features of programs like Outlook in our videos focused on MSPs.  

Protect: Get the latest news on cybersecurity and threats with our Protect series of videos highlighting information on potential risks and how best to protect yourself and your company from them. 

Accelerate:  Every third week, we explore a topic that is changing the future of technology and has the potential to disrupt the way we live and do business. From how to incorporate AI into your business to the future of cyber currency and more, we are accelerating our knowledge together. 

Join us in February for our first week featuring a Managed Service Provider topic!

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