Microsoft Releases Free End-User Security Education Kits

The COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally changed the way organizations and people work, right now but probably for the foreseeable future and beyond. As we’ve mentioned before, a move to more flexible, remote ways of working has huge benefits both for employers and employees, but also comes with new, heightened security risks.

Workplaces are changing fast, and adapting to the new normal, particularly when it comes to security, requires fast, effective action, and a significantly increased awareness of risk. Not everyone has the degree of security expertise to accurately predict the way the new threats will affect their organization, or how to guard against them most effectively.

In response to the global pandemic, Microsoft and Terranova Security have released a free cybersecurity awareness and education kit for end users. This kit is designed to upskill organizations, raise awareness amongst staff and management, and provide businesses with the tools to enable them to stay safe and secure as they move to new ways of working.

Microsoft stated:

“In response to the global COVID19 pandemic, Microsoft is releasing an end user education kit in partnership with Terranova Security. This kit contains three full end user phish and privacy education courses, two videos about how attackers are using the pandemic to target victims, and several blog posts, posters, newsletters, and infographic sheets” 

The kit is available to all O365 users free of charge, and is designed to help educate staff and enterprises on the new cyber security risks, and reduce phishing attacks and hacks during this difficult time.

O365 admins can download the kit here, and use the ‘README – COVID 19 Training Kit.docx’ document to find out more information about the training courses.

The training is provided online as a course, but can also be accessed as an HTML file allowing admins to deploy the training throughout their organization however they see fit. Links to the relevant courses can also be distributed directly to end users, and any authenticated Microsoft 365 users should be able to access the courses via the links below:

 Mass Phishing Training

 Protecting Home Computer Training

Privacy Training

Microsoft has said that the training will be available free of charge for at least the next three months.

If you have any questions about your Microsoft suite of services, cyber security training or technology needs, we’d be happy help your business. Complete a contact form to get started.

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