How to be Successful by Failing at Downward Dog

Oct 23, 2017

A couple weeks ago, Red Owl Yoga graciously hosted a lunchtime session for 16 of our staff in our onsite Aurora room. With yoga mats and brightly colored towels in hand, we entered the beautifully modern space with its wooden, oversized doors and huge windows that were blacked out for the session. We were here and we came with a determination to bend and (maybe) sweat ourselves into a more peaceful state of mind.

The class did not disappoint and after our time being led by our lovely and knowledgeable instructor, we left relaxed, exhausted but also exhilarated by the session. As we walked out into a clear fall day, it was impossible not to compare this experience with the world outside the class, and the way work and life intertwine at CompuVision.

Just like with meditation, at CompuVision there isn’t work and life, there is a continuous flow where all things are one.

Without getting too new age-y, this means we value harmony between what we do inside the walls of the CompuVision offices along with what we do outside of them.For example, we explored yoga together because we knew it would make our minds and bodies better able to live and work.

This is because CompuVision is life and we strive to make it both rejuvenating and growth-positive. We do this by promoting our core values which are closely tied to our yoga experience.

Be Curious

Okay, to say yoga was like this core value because we were curious about trying it may be a bit of a stretch but bear with me, I’m getting to something here! Like with trying anything new, yoga requires an open mind and a willingness to explore.

At CompuVision, one of the things many of us enjoy most about our life at the company is that our curiosity is valued, encouraged and rewarded. Curiosity leads to explorations, new ways of doing things and glorious innovation.

Whether we’re finding ways to do our jobs more efficiently, making improvements on existing applications or creating entirely new solutions, all of these things start with curiosity and a willingness to question. For example, how can we be more efficient so we can make the most of our resources? Which aspects of this application can be made more user friendly? What problems do our clients face and how can we solve them? We would never get to answering these questions if we didn’t have the enquiring minds to ask them.

In other words, we came, we saw, we were curious and now we’re on the road to better and brighter things!

Go Beyond

Just as with the asana posture in yoga, when you think you’ve reached your limits of innovation (or the time you’re able to hold a pose), the best thing you can do is go beyond it to achieve growth.

Only when you go beyond what you think you’re capable of do you discover the greatness that lives behind your fear and doubt. This is the space we strive for as individuals and as a team.

Working and living within a company that supports this means we can spend more time achieving success and less time fearing failure.

Serve as One

We performed our asana postures much the same way we strive towards goals: together.

While I like to think I have a bit more grace while writing for and about CompuVision than I did while attempting the tree pose, the focus and principles are similar. We are one with others and our surroundings and we will accomplish better and greater things when we work with, instead of against each other.

Success for one, is a success for all!

This means even though I flopped over during the downward dog, I still achieved it because members of my team did! Yes, it totally works that way, and you can’t tell me any different. Thanks team.

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