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The CompuVision Difference

CompuVision leverages technological innovation to grow your business, now and in the future.

5 Reasons to choose CompuVision

CompuVision operates across North America, with our Canadian headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. Our US head office is located just outside of Houston, Texas.

1. Top notch management solutions

We manage your IT, using best practices and shared resources to make a positive difference to technology in your organization.

2. Knowledge that your business is protected

Over 50% of small businesses experience a cyber attack and nearly 60% go out of business within a year. CompuVision provides total protection using top security tools and Al technology.

3. Business acceleration

CompuVision accelerates your business, using the latest IT strategies and technological advances to to cut costs, increase productivity and take your organization to the next level.

4. Dedicated resources customized for your needs

CompuVision takes on your IT risks, and gives your organization access to a highly-skilled, 200-strong IT team providing high-level strategy and the full suite of managed IT services.

5. Cost reduction and improved efficiency

We save you time and money with predictable spending, increased efficiency, speedy resolutions, and by preventing cyber attacks.


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In-House IT and Managed Services compared to CompuVision

Let’s get you back to work! Our managed services offering positively impacts your business, with predictable results and strategic IT services. See how CompuVision’s Proven Process sets your business up for success.

In-House IT Services

Working with your IT Team, we create solutions to help your current team with their initiatives. Access our 200+ team of IT experts to help fill in gaps in service or skill, speed up response times, or even scale-up to work on a highly complex IT project.

Managed Services

Remote management of IT and/ or end-user systems – varying in skillset and competency.

  • Limited flexibility & transparency
  • Lack of strategy

The CompuVision Team

CompuVision takes on your IT risks with highly skilled dedicated resources, access to a 200-strong team, and access to a full suite of IT services.

  • Managed services & innovation experts
  • 97% CSAT (customer satisfaction)
  • Premium partnerships
  • IT roadmap & strategic reporting (QBR)

CompuVision Protect

Let’s secure your business! CompuVision uses top IT security tools and leverages the latest in Al technology to proactively protect your business.

  • Backup data & faster recovery
  • Cyber security, governance & protection
  • Latest technologies (Al)

Protect Services

CompuVision Accelerate

Let’s grow your business! CompuVision accelerates your business, using the latest IT strategies and technological advances to help you grow.

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Reduction in overhead
  • Promotes business growth

Accelerate Services