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Protect Plus

Keeping your employees safe and protected. Protection from cybercrime is an exponential issue that businesses are facing everyday. Our experts at CompuVision can create an affordable custom-fit information security package that suits your unique business needs. Whether you have existing in-house IT or are looking to move to managed services, our Protect+ offering is something no organization should go without.

A custom-fit information security package at an affordable price.

With the rise of technology in the workplace, breaches and security incidents are on the rise as well, and even more so in the small to medium professional spaces. Businesses in this space are traditionally focused on growing their business and can miss the protections needed to ensure cyber safety within their organization. With Protect+ our experts can create a custom-fit information security package that suits your business without breaking the bank.

Assess your company’s vulnerabilities with simulated attacks.

Monitor your Office 365 tenancy to protect against attacks.

Protect your personally identifiable information with 24×7 monitoring.

Protect your users and your network from malicious threats.

Protect Plus secures, educates and prevents.

Products like Ethical Phishing Testing and Advanced Threat Protection help protect your employees and create a culture of security awareness, while also making sure best practices are being followed.

Dark Web and Live Network Monitoring give us early warning indicators a security breach may be on the horizon and help us protect your network quickly if a threat is discovered.

Secure your organization, reputation, and bottom line with the following Protect+ offerings:

Ethical Phishing Testing

  • Simulated phishing email and phone call campaigns to assess your company’s vulnerability to attacks.
  • USB Drive Testing allows you to test your users on how they react to finding unknown removable storage devices, including if files are accessed, or macros are run.
  • Risk scoring and access to reporting allows you to see improvements over time.
  • Unlimited use of training material to educate and test your users and improve your company’s security awareness.
  • Repeat campaigns managed by our team to make sure training is regularly tested.

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Live Network Monitoring

  • Monitor your Office 365 tenancy to protect against email compromises and account takeover attacks.
  • Integrates with your existing network security stack without downtime.
  • Integrates with popular firewall providers to dynamically block threats in real-time.
  • Increase peace of mind knowing that your network is monitored 24×7 for active threats, without having to hire security staff.
  • Retain Server and Office 365 logs for up to a year for regulatory compliance requirements and enhanced reporting.
  • Get early warnings for trending threats from Intelligence Sharing Communities such as Cisco, Talos, and Emerging Threats.
  • Monitor your network in real-time for improper use using artificial intelligence and intelligence sharing community feeds to reduce false positives.

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Dark Web Monitoring

  • 24×7 monitoring the Dark Web for up to 5 personal email addresses.
  • Prevent identity theft, CEO fraud, network breaches, and data loss with remediation assistance from the CompuVision team.
  • 24×7 monitoring the Dark Web for stolen corporate credentials including Email Accounts, vendor accounts, social security numbers, and other Personally Identifiable Information.

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Advanced Threat Protection

  • Use powerful Artificial Intelligence to test email attachments, and links to prevent malicious content from reaching your users.
  • Real-Time Reports allow you to monitor and focus on high-priority issues such as attacks or increased suspicious activity.
  • ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams extends this coverage to prevent malicious content from spreading into/ within your network.

* Bundle and save 15% by buying all of our Protect+ offerings.

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“Companies are facing an existential crisis with having to protect their reputations, bottom-lines and employees more now than ever before from cybercrime. Protect plus educates and brings awareness to entire organizations by employee education and training while also sorting through that elusive dark web to help prevent attacks before they even happen.”

Jonathan Whalley, Business Analyst, CompuVision

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