IT Strategic Services

Going beyond hardware and software and working directly with your leadership to predict business changes, plan long-term IT roadmaps and enact ambitious development projects to drive your business forward.

It’s all about leveraging technological innovations for today & tomorrow.

We are all aware of the tech buzzwords these days, but how do we plan for our technology future? How do we stay relevant in our businesses? How do we lead from a technological lens?

With almost 30 years in the IT industry, CompuVision are experts in the field. We deliver a full stack of IT services and can provide unbeatable insight into advanced IT strategy, business analysis, process engineering and automation, and project management.

Is your current IT partner providing you with a rolling 36 month IT plan, detailing investment each quarter and each year? You should be able to use this plan to accurately forecast IT spending over a rolling 24-36 month period.

Our technology strategy service provides a dynamic, forward-looking plan that rolls out in 12-36 months called an IT Roadmap. The IT Roadmap provides guidance and objectives that allow your business to fully maximize its IT potential.

Reporting and transparency are extremely important in allowing organizations to be able to make smart IT decisions. Do you know how many tickets per endpoint your company generates? What will your IT look like in 36 months from now? What planning, auditing and business analysis needs to be done?

Our team meets with you for wellness reporting that covers the day to day items of your technology needs. We also do quarterly business reviews and planning where we look at the long-term strategic technology success of your organization which includes a review of your IT Roadmap, discussing projects, forecast budgeting and more.

Dedicated strategic resources just for you.

Working with our strategy services team gives you access to a huge range of skills, expertise and resources that allow your organization to plan and prepare for the future, and leverage the constant evolution of technological advances that are available to businesses.

IT strategy services at CompuVision are broken into two roles: Strategic Advisor and Delivery Manager.

Your Delivery Manager is focused on transactional, day to day tasks like wellness reporting, service trends, ticket reports and client satisfaction.

Your Strategic Advisor is the budgeting, planning and forecasting resource, focused on long term strategic results.

Our team gives you the perfect combination of everyday tactics based on solid reporting and trends alongside visionary long term strategy, keeping you competitive now and in the future.

Innovation Tours Given


Disruption Planning Sessions


Our IT Strategy Services includes:

  • IT Business analysis
  • Strategic reviews, wellness & QBRs
  • Dedicated resources
  • Future planning

Managing successful outcomes for our clients.

“From the beginning, Compuvision has guided us through pro-active IT management of our systems, software, hardware, security, and training. They have positioned their staff to better understand our needs and to optimize support. They have designed and facilitated education presentations, training sessions, online modules and more to help our staff better understand the IT environment and risk management.”

Norm Lepitre
Director of Administration & HR – The Sinneave Family Foundation

All of our Manage IT services.

Leveraging best practices and shared resources to positively impact your experience with IT.

Planing long-term IT roadmaps and enacting ambitious development projects to drive your business forward.

Ensuring your IT meets the highest level of compliance with regulatory standards and sector best practices.

Ensuring your systems run smoothly, and guaranteeing the very best end user experiences.

Managing your desktop environment to ensure a simple, fast and reliable virtual desktop performance.

Ensuring data security and scalability, with management, monitoring and administration of your servers.

Reducing your IT overhead with agile, scalable and efficient cloud computing.

Tracking your company’s assets, and ensuring you have the right tools and resources to manage them.

Managing your organization’s network to ensure performance and exceptional quality of service.

Procuring technology your business needs to succeed, through our contacts and purchasing power.

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