IT Asset Administration Services

Developing and implementing procedures to fully track your company’s assets, and ensuring you have the right tools and resources to manage them.

Processes and practices that ensure the smooth running of your business.

CompuVision takes on administrative tasks related to managed peripherals, and provides crucial assistance with hardware and software assets and warranty expiration tracking on supported systems. We carry out essential tasks for the smooth running of your business, from warranty tracking software to ensuring secure password storage. We can also provide full interface with vendors such as internet service providers (ISPs).

CompuVision helps you focus on running your business.

Allowing CompuVision to manage your IT lets us take on the day to day administration, keeping your organization running smoothly, and freeing up your staff to work on driving your business forward.
  • Administrative tasks related to the Managed Peripherals
  • Assistance with hardware and software asset and warranty expiration tracking*
  • Domain name expiration tracking
  • Hardware and software purchase specifications
  • Web portal access for ticket creation and management of assets
  • Maintaining network documentation and secure password storage
  • Interfacing with vendors such as internet service providers (ISPs)

*On supported systems only

Endpoints Managed


Data Collection Audits Run


Managing successful outcomes for our clients.

“Thank you for the excellent explanations, the response rate, and the thoroughness of your investigations. I’m pleased with our decision to switch to your firm!”

Larry Bannerman
President - Trigger

All of our Manage IT services.

Leveraging best practices and shared resources to positively impact your experience with IT.

Planing long-term IT roadmaps and enacting ambitious development projects to drive your business forward.

Ensuring your IT meets the highest level of compliance with regulatory standards and sector best practices.

Ensuring your systems run smoothly, and guaranteeing the very best end user experiences.

Managing your desktop environment to ensure a simple, fast and reliable virtual desktop performance.

Ensuring data security and scalability, with management, monitoring and administration of your servers.

Reducing your IT overhead with agile, scalable and efficient cloud computing.

Tracking your company’s assets, and ensuring you have the right tools and resources to manage them.

Managing your organization’s network to ensure performance and exceptional quality of service.

Procuring technology your business needs to succeed, through our contacts and purchasing power.

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