Digital Transformation Consulting

What an exciting time to be alive. We are in a time of change and on the verge of a revolution in technology. Digital transformation consulting helps businesses reach their full technological potential while setting a path forward to create digital capacity in their organization. CompuVision's digital transformation strategy focuses on the initiatives that will set you up for technology success by re-thinking your technology and classifying it as an emerging, customer-centric and transparent piece in your organization. We have summarized our process into a 3 step approach:

Your core technology starts with laying the foundations to allow you to transform your organization.

This technology journey then phases into the next 2 steps after we are able to solidify your base to handle digital transformation in your organization.

This includes auditing and reviewing the entire IT process you have in place today. The first step is always the hardest, and we are here to map out the strategy to transformation in a smart, reliable and exponential way.

Traditional Technology vs Emerging Technology

A mindset shift. When technology is only focused on being a core service, delivered by a vendor and not a partner, it is a cost to an organization. Once it can pivot to being outcome driven, an organization's technology can start to make them money by fueling their initiatives internally and externally. Technology then solves problems in practical business functions, freeing up resources and setting up success for tomorrow.

A organization’s historical success will be its greatest downfall. If you are not trying to disrupt what you do, someone else is. CompuVision looks for ways to innovate, design, track and modularize your technology journey. We task our highly skilled innovation team with looking into the best technological advances for your business. Then we produce a step by step approach that takes into account the holistic organization: mindset, people, process and tools

Traditional Technology

The core technology of an organization is what keeps everything running effectively. It is an aspect of an organization’s management process. It is focused on the techniques and tools to assess, validate and potentially modify an organization’s core activities and resources (financial, human, capital and information). Now your staff can spend more time doing what they do best, rather than worrying about IT. Together we work as partners, to reposition technology within your organization and make it a focus to achieve better standards and practices.

Data For Business

Data is a valuable resource. But a resource is useless when it’s still in the ground so it has to be extracted and refined before we can really start to leverage opportunities, analyzing data by both human and machine.

Emerging Technology Innovations

Improving efficiency, scalability and collaboration through technology. Taking existing structures and making them better by injecting technology. We audit your existing infrastructure and research ways to innovate internally and externally. A great way to start you on your transformation journey is by booking a disruption planning session for your executive team.

Find out how we can help! Contact us and we would be happy to arrange an onsite assessment to find out more about you.