Strategic IT Consulting

Using deep industry knowledge to help you take high-level decisions and plan for the future.

What is Strategic IT Consulting?

Our Strategic Consulting team takes a look into the future and identifies opportunities and potential speed bumps that your organization might encounter.

In recent years, IT has become an increasingly fundamental and transformational part of business success. Keeping up with trends and innovations takes time, and an in-house IT department comes at a significant cost to an organization. Strategic IT consulting services offer expertise, guidance, and support while saving your business time and money.

Strategic consulting services provide your business with the information and resources you need to plan for the future. Take advantage of evolving strategic technology services and innovation that is available to businesses, now and in the future.

Strategic consulting gives you the edge you need to stay ahead of the game, and be in command of your organization’s destiny.

Why do I need Strategic IT Consulting?

Can you easily verify how much time your staff loses to technology problems? Does your organization have a plan to continuously reduce payroll inefficiency caused by bad technology?

Strategic consulting gives you the edge you need to stay ahead of the game, take control of your organization’s destiny, and dramatically improve your return on investment and bottom line.

  • Focus on core business functions – Strategic consultants take responsibility for your IT roadmap and let you concentrate on your core business, increasing productivity and ROI.
  • Expert advice and support – Strategic IT consultants are experts in their field and provide your business with access to a far deeper pool of knowledge and experience than possible with in-house services.
  • Get an outside take on your operations – New perspectives are a vital part of transformational business technology. An external consultant will provide fresh thinking and new ways to grow your business.
  • Value for money – Full-time in-house resources can be very expensive. IT consultancy services can work on specific problems within a specific timeframe, providing better value for money and more effective use of time.
  • Increased security – As IT becomes more and more fundamental to successful businesses, so too does ensuring that your cybersecurity is up to scratch. Strategic IT consulting services will assess your organization’s risk factors, establish data security systems and processes, and ensure that appropriate disaster recovery procedures are in place.

How we develop your roadmap for success

Your dedicated strategic IT advisor is more than just an external consultant providing outsourced services. At CompuVision, our strategic IT consultants are embedded in your organization, working with you to construct a bespoke technology roadmap that works specifically for your business.

We’ll highlight opportunities, identify risks, and insert innovation and disruptive technology wherever possible.

We provide:

  • A dedicated strategic IT advisor
  • A technology roadmap
  • Project planning
  • Disruption planning
  • Execution
  • Technology ROI planning
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Technology standardization & best practices
  • Transparent reporting

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Disruption Planning Sessions


Managing successful outcomes for our clients.

“We are heavily invested in Enterprise Risk Management. Over the past 10 years, Compuvision has proved that they are a professional and competent company and I trust their judgment and advice. We have never had a major service disruption.”

Norm Lepitre
Director of Administration & HR – The Sinneave Family Foundation

All of our Accelerate IT services.

CompuVision accelerates your business, using the latest IT strategies and technological advances to help you grow.
Using deep industry knowledge to help you take high-level decisions and plan for the future.
Formalizing and optimizing your IT processes to follow best practices and keep your business running smoothly.
Helping to develop and deliver ongoing IT projects crucial for the continued success of your business.
Ensuring your business is always fully loaded with the right tools to do the job, at the right price.
Automating day-to-day tasks with the latest innovative technology, to free up time and creativity.

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