IT Automations

Automating day-to-day tasks with the latest innovative technology, to free up time and creativity.

Automation is key to unlocking potential.

Looking holistically at IT automation means that human beings can do what they do best – be creative, strategic, and collaborate. Automation throughout IT processes ultimately equals cost savings and productivity for your organization. As these processes mature and grow so do the potential outcomes that streamline productivity for our staff and clients.

Automatic User Reconciliations tracks users and employees in the system, ensuring that costs and billing reflect real-time activity. This means that unused licenses or over-billing based on non-active computer users is now a thing of the past.

Our Augmented Support Team acts as your own personal IT team, giving you a fast, cost-effective way to employ a comprehensive ticketing system. Automation is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of IT, and CompuVision can help your organization take advantage of its vast potential.

Looking to the sky for inspiration and automation.

CompuVision’s proprietary Automated Ticket Control acts as air traffic control for your event tickets, handling the thousands of tickets that are created every day. ATC is a tireless workhorse, streamlining the way tickets are handled, and matching your need with the most qualified staff member available. It views real-time workloads of technicians to make sure ticket times are fast, responsive and handled.

CompuVision’s Innovation team are constantly working on new possibilities and solutions. Automating manual processes can help your organization unlock its potential, and working with a Managed Service Provider who is using AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning means our clients asks from their IT team run more smoothly.

Our Innovation team are constantly working on new possibilities, and the stats speak for themselves:

  • 7 new products and services in development
  • 83 new products and services in the pipeline
  • Over 2,160 human hours saved by automation
  • 38,000 tickets automatically assigned or reassigned
  • 40 automated user reconciliations

Managing successful outcomes for our clients.

“Thank you guys for being our IT superheroes. Every time I get in the daily report of what you did to keep us up and running smoothly, I think about how lucky we are to have such a smart, dedicated and caring team. Thank you.”

Lisa Pollock
Director of Operations, Administration & HR, SheaNerland LLP

All of our Accelerate IT services.

CompuVision accelerates your business, using the latest IT strategies and technological advances to help you grow.
Using deep industry knowledge to help you take high-level decisions and plan for the future.
Formalizing and optimizing your IT processes to follow best practices and keep your business running smoothly.
Helping to develop and deliver ongoing IT projects crucial for the continued success of your business.
Ensuring your business is always fully loaded with the right tools to do the job, at the right price.
Automating day-to-day tasks with the latest innovative technology, to free up time and creativity.

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