Edmonton Alberta
Innovation Lab
December 20, 2018

Property Description

Exclusively reserved for offsite executive meetings, board meetings, disruption planning sessions and retreats, this smart room comes fully equipped with anything and everything you could ask for, to take your planning, innovation or disruption sessions to the next level.

Set up boardroom style, Redstone is a high quality, professional space designed to provide the full package for executive meetings and planning sessions. Boardroom table seating is combined with more relaxed breakout couches, making the space perfect even for an entire day of working.

The room provides a large presentation board for active learning sessions, or a full wall brainstorming boards for more collaborative or creative sessions. Power outlets, full connectivity, plush couch seating, and WIFI mean all needs can be fulfilled, in comfort and style. Full remote connectivity and teleconferencing is available, through our telepresence robot, or through a conference bridge.

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