Aurora and Hydra

Aurora and Hydra

Edmonton Alberta
Innovation Lab
December 20, 2018

Property Description

Aurora and Hydra are our two transformation rooms, designed to be genuinely flexible spaces to encourage creativity and effective working, and to connect the business community to technology. They can be booked singularly as individual meeting rooms, or combined and opened up to make one much larger space, working equally well for small, medium or large meetings.

This flexibility means that Aurora and Hydra are perfect for meetings of any size, and function exceptionally well for presentations and executive retreats. The rooms can be set up to suit your needs, in whatever style is necessary for your meeting.

Aurora and Hydra come fully equipped for all your needs, with smart hubs (either televisions or surface hubs), whiteboards, power outlets, full connectivity and WIFI. Full remote connectivity and teleconferencing is available, through our telepresence robot, or through a conference bridge, to allow you to connect to colleagues elsewhere.

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