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Using Google Hang Outs (Step by Step Guide & Best Practices)

As more employees, educators, and students work remotely in response to the spread of COVID-19, staying connected is more pivotal than ever. Google has a productivity app called ‘Google Hangouts’ where remote collaboration is possible. For participants as small as two all the way up to 250 including up to 100,000 viewers. Note: During the Covid-19 pandemic Google is offering this service free for 14 days. (limited to 10 users).

1. To start, a new account needs to be created. In your browser, search for ‘Google Hangouts’ and click on ‘Get Started’.

2. Determine the size of your organization.

3. Fill in your contact information:

4. Determine if you have a domain to use or not.

5. Choose your domain name:

6. Choose a desired name:

7. Enter your business address:

8. Choose a login name and password that will be assigned to the domain you chose.

9. Review your payment plan. Enter payment method and click continue. Note: During the Covid-19 pandemic Google is offering this service free for 14 days (limited to 10 users).

10. Check Inbox and verify email, and click continue to admin console.

11. Click on Google Apps:

12. Click on Meet

13. Click on ‘Join or start a meeting’ and enter meeting code or nickname:

14. You’re all set!

15. To share access, click on ‘Join now’ and ‘copy joining info’ provide:

This service is very helpful when you are trying to create a conference call. A few features that are included: video and audio as well as screen sharing. Screen sharing is live and can individually be activated by any participant. PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, etc in just one click. Follow the guidelines above to connect with your organization.

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