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Setting Up a Conference Call with Microsoft Teams

As more employees, educators, and students work remotely in response to the spread of COVID-19, staying connected is more pivotal than ever. Microsoft Teams makes it simple to setup conference calls with your colleagues and clients.

1. To start, make sure you have Microsoft Teams installed and you’re signed in with your Microsoft account. For more on setting up Microsoft Teams, see our tutorials on Everything Microsoft Teams and How To: Launching Microsoft Teams.

2. In Microsoft Teams click on Calendar.

3. Click on ‘New Meeting’ on the top right of your window.

4. Fill out the meeting details.
a. Choose ie: Sales and Marketing weekly meeting
b. Type in attendees that are part of your organization or invite external attendees.
c. Choose date and time
d. Optional – Choose Channel
e. Optional – Type in any particular details for meeting.

5. Double check if you have all necessary and correct information and click send!

Notes: Attendees will receive a unique conference ID# in their email (below). Choices are to call-in via phone or join online are provided in the conference bridge.

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