How To: Launching Microsoft Teams

These simple, quick steps will help you download and start using Microsoft Teams in minutes. To get started, head here:

If you already have Microsoft Teams installed, jump down to our list of additional resources to make the most of Teams.

1. Determine which device you have

2. Click on “Download Teams”

3. Go to File downloads.

4. Locate install file ‘Teams_windows_x64.exe’ on computer

5. Follow the software installation prompts. Then you’re all set!

Additional Resources

Quick Start:

Intro to msTeams:

Set up and Customize your team:

Collaborate in teams and channels:

Work with posts and messages:

Upload and find files:

Start chats and calls:

Manage meetings:

Setup and attend live events:

Explore apps and tools:

Manage team schedules with Shifts:

Manage your activity feed:

Teams on the go:

Get started with Teams (free):

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