Do robots have feelings? Disruption Magazine’s new podcast Beyond Disruption explores this and the wide world of disruptive tech

May 15, 2019

For Immediate Release: Disruption Magazine, the only Canadian publication to focus on cutting-edge, disruptive technology, is taking tech-minded business insiders beyond the pages with the new Beyond Disruption podcast. Hosted by Disruption’s Managing Editor Cara Bedford, the first 28 episodes were recorded live at the SingularityU 2019 Canada Summit in Edmonton, Alberta. New episodes of the podcast will accompany every issue of the quarterly magazine, and will feature in-depth interviews with today’s leaders and authorities on disruptive technology.

Ten episodes of Beyond Disruption are currently available, with 17 more to be released in May 2019. The first episode features an interview with Suzanne Gildert, Founder of Sanctuary AI who delved into the controversial question of “Do Robots Have Feelings? This is just one of the many surprising and unique questions posed by rapidly evolving technology that will be featured in the podcast.

The creative force behind both the magazine and podcast, CompuVision’s Director of Marketing, Cara Bedford, said that the interviews and topics covered are “going to look at technology through different lenses and perspectives, and to remind us to always be curious. Curiosity and a willingness to embrace disruption are what keeps industries leading the charge versus being trampled under the force of change. Beyond Disruption explores these changes and the technology and people shaping our future. The future of tech is a topic that every business should be having conversations about, conversations that go beyond server rooms and into the very fabric of everything they do because that is how they will stay viable and profitable. It’s exciting, it’s relevant, it’s fun and we’re bringing it all to our readers and, now, our listeners.”

For CompuVision’s CEO Ryan Vestby, this podcast is just another example of how CompuVision remains a leader in tech innovation and exemplifies the gig mindset.

“With Beyond Disruption, CompuVision is once again demonstrating how large, traditional companies can think outside the box,” Vestby says. “With this podcast we are giving our customers, and a whole new audience, fun, relevant information about the industry we serve and work within. I am very excited to hear all of the intriguing conversations that will take place every episode.”

Listen to the first ten episodes of the podcast on Disruption’s website or on iTunes. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes for updates about the next 17 episodes in the SingularityU Series, and for more episodes to accompany future issues of Disruption Magazine.

About Disruption Magazine

Published by IT industry leaders CompuVision, Disruption Magazine is the only magazine dedicated exclusively to disruptive technology. Disruption has also pushed the envelope on the very way we consume tech news by being the first Canadian technology publication available on Alexa. Focusing on burgeoning innovations in machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and other disruptive technology, Disruption provides an insider’s look at the future of business. To stay informed on the latest in disruptive technology, subscribe to Disruption.

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