CompuVision Earns Top Spot on Alberta’s Top 100 Employers 2nd Year in a Row

Feb 6, 2020

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CompuVision, a Core Technology Services firm based in Edmonton, has made MediaCorp Canada Inc. ‘s list of Top 100 Employers for the 2nd year in a row. With up to $1,000 in yearly tuition, paid internships and summer job programs, CompuVision earned a place as a top employer for new graduates and entry-level positions. An ongoing commitment to employee development has shown that “employee growth is a key ingredient to business growth,” says Ryan Vestby, CompuVision’s CEO.

About the List

Alberta’s Top Employers for 2020 builds on last year’s lineup which included many companies that made employee wellness a priority. This year, the focus is on companies that are geared towards attracting the best new hires.

With unemployment rates low and an aging workforce set to retire, “you need to attract talented employees more than ever to make sure your organization is the one driving change, not the one being driven out by new competitors,” says Richard Yerema, Managing Editor of Canada’s Top 100 Employers project.

CompuVision’s distinction as a quality employer for new graduates has been earned through ongoing efforts to add value to employees’ professional and personal lives. With a combination of innovative training options, subsidized tuition and accreditation programs, CompuVision is not only attracting new hires but making it worth their time to stay.

CompuVision’s Investment in Talent Recruitment and Development

One of the top reasons CompuVision continues to be a beacon for talented new hires and recent graduates is that they offer substantial incentives for recruitments. When current employees refer someone from their network, they can earn up to a $2,000 bonus. There are also ongoing development opportunities offered through employer-sponsored tuition and professional accreditation, along with on-site and remote learning.

When asked about CompuVision making the list for the second year, Vestby remarked, “we are beyond proud of the fact that we are providing a quality work environment and benefits that attract top talent. But so much of our success isn’t about attracting top talent, it’s making sure we give them reasons to stay and grow with us. Gourmet cafeteria options and at-work yoga classes are great perks but they’re only useful when employees feel that they are given the tools to progress. That’s what we want to do. We want to recruit great people and help them shine even brighter.”

With over 30 new full-time positions added in 2019, CompuVision continues to take talent development seriously. “With concern over technology taking away jobs, we are proving that isn’t the case,” says Vestby. “We are looking forward to taking on fresh talent and giving other employees room to grow. It’s gearing up to be a really exciting year and a taste of all we have planned for the future.”

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