CompuVision’s Focus on Employee Wellness Earns Spot on Alberta’s Top 75 Employer Award for 2019

Feb 21, 2019

CompuVision’s Focus on Employee Wellness Earns Spot on Alberta’s Top 75 Employer Award for 2019


For Immediate Release: Core Technology services firm, CompuVision, has been named among the top employers for 2019 by Mediacorp Canada Inc., publishers of Canada’s Top 100 Employers project. As the first company in Alberta to offer a sleep pod station for employees along with perks like personal trainers and yoga sessions during working hours while continuing to run a successful organization, CompuVision is proving that “happy employees create a better company and greater returns for all,” Ryan Vestby, CEO of CompuVision, says.


About the List


The 2019 list of Alberta’s Top Employers is dominated by wellness leaders – business leaders who focus on the total health and well-being of employees. “Alberta employers are investing in improving employee wellness in a wide range of fields,” says Richard Yerema, Managing Editor of the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project. “The leading employers now see these programs as ‘must-have’ initiatives…”

CompuVision is a front-runner among these wellness leaders, claiming the title of first company to offer an innovative sleep pod in the workplace. Designed to provide fast relaxation and an ideal place to take a rejuvenating nap, the pod is one of many features CompuVision has invested in to ensure employees can achieve quality over quantity in their jobs while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.


CompuVision’s Investment in Employees


When asked about the philosophy behind investing in his staff and how that helps the company grow, Vestby said, “top talent attracts top talent. It’s nearly as simple as that. We invest in creating a place that the top people will want to work. A place we want to work and come to everyday ready to make things better. A company we care about because it cares about us.”


Vestby went on to talk about the company’s system of rewarding staff for bringing in other potential staff members. “Heck yes, we encourage our employees to explore their contact list and find us other great team members. We offer bonuses and incentives because they’re helping us in a really profound way. Each of our employees is hired because we love what they do, and we love working with them. We trust them. If someone I already trust is bringing me someone else who they trust, they’re making the process easier. They’re taking their own time to help find us other great players for our team and investing in that service is one of the best things we can do.”

Investment in employees has also included a wealth of fitness and enrichment services like personal trainers, hot yoga, healthy work meal options, an onsite gym and many other features that “…give the best people the tools to do their best,” says Vestby.

“We’re also extremely honored to be included on this list. Knowing we stand out as a great company to work for shows me that we’re really doing something right.”

The company is continuing to grow and create even more opportunities with their publication Disruption Magazine Canada ( which is the first magazine exclusively devoted to disruptive technology. For more information on CompuVision, including employment opportunities visit:


About CompuVision

With over 25 years in the IT industry, CompuVision has developed sophisticated systems to provide world-class managed IT services throughout Canada & the US, including 24/7 tech support, system management, predictive tools to reduce IT chaos and digital transformation with the help of emerging technologies.


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