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Technology is at the heart of all  success in the modern world. Nonprofits are no exception, and being at the cutting edge of technology and IT is vital for not-for-profit organizations looking to deliver effective services and boost fundraising efforts.

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Cybersecurity is vital for nonprofits and is likely to be one of the most important aspects of technology innovation today. Nonprofits hold significant amounts of sensitive information and confidential data, and protecting payment details and privileged info is crucial.

IT Tips to Keep a Eye On

The cybersecurity landscape is ever changing. Cybercriminals are always changing and innovating, employing ever more sophisticated and subtle methods. Thus, there will be huge changes in the way organizations will need to operate to secure their future.

Remote Workers

Remote workers will likely be a focus for bad actors throughout the year, as organizations continue to adapt and develop new working practices. Flexible and remote working without sufficient organizational support and infrastructure can expose huge vulnerabilities in any network, and it is worth keeping a close eye on this.

Legacy Security Architecture

Due to budgetary restrictions, nonprofits often continue to operate with outdated or legacy security architecture. VPNs, for example, are often seen as a silver bullet for remote work, but they come with serious liabilities, vulnerability to ransomware, and can introduce latency as time goes by. Zero-trust network access is likely to become far more frequently used, with Gartner estimating that over 60% of enterprises will phase out VPNs in favor of zero-trust networks by 2023.

AI in Cybersecurity

AI in cybersecurity will be a huge part of the response for nonprofits. AI cybersecurity measures allow potential threats to be dealt with before they occur, rather than just fighting them when they appear.

AI allows vulnerabilities to be dealt with before they become problems, and can work faster and harder than would be possible using traditional cybersecurity methods. This also has the knock-on benefit of freeing up resources elsewhere.

Managed IT Services

Finding ways to improve technology and IT services within nonprofit organizations is an important aspect for growth.

Unsurprisingly, most nonprofits don’t have the in-house capacity or resources to outfit a massive IT department event at the best of times. But this doesn’t mean they have to deal with a lack of support. In order to breach the transformation gap, convergence and simplicity is the way forward, and CSOs/CIOs will likely turn to alternatives that integrate multiple services and result in larger cost and efficiency savings.

Managed services are an increasingly vital part of smaller organizations’ IT toolkit. Managed services essentially run your IT infrastructure remotely, providing the right systems to improve productivity, protecting your organization with cyber security, and looking for ways to accelerate your organization’s processes and help things run smoothly. Having smooth IT processes is vital for nonprofits looking to maximize online and digital donations.

Managing donation processes, and optimizing websites and apps to encourage giving is a big part of IT for nonprofits, and one of the main ways an experienced managed service provider can have a tangible impact on a philanthropic organization.

Managed services allow nonprofits to control their costs, providing clear, up-front fees for access to a full department’s worth of IT experts at a fraction of the cost of an in-house alternative. They can also provide the expertise in areas that NPOs lack, and deliver important strategic planning support and advice.


  • White gloved services for executives
  • Onsite support with dedicated placements
  • Coast-to-coast coverage for branch offices
  • Vendor support specialists


  • Unique set of products for Protect+
  • Cyber insurance assessments
  • Data management credentials
  • Cyber Security Team, Standards & Compliance, and NOC


  • Strategic imperatives that meet nonprofit needs
  • Experts in complex issues with certified business analysts 
  • Self-help portal and education (IT Resources)
  • Kindness training
  • Smilebacks program: Partnerships with our community through events, community outreach, donations and volunteerism

Introducing our

SmileBacks Program

At CompuVision, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to give back.

Through our SmileBacks program, we get to partner with local initiatives and play a role in improving the commmunity around us one nonprofit at a time.

Serving over 20+ Nonprofit Organizations Across Canada

“We needed to really think about what we are going to try and do to make the world a better place. And CompuVision was the closest fit for us in terms of working together to make that happen.”

Mike House, President & CEO of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

“The reason why we invested in CompuVision is because I knew we weren’t going to stay the same size. I needed to have that infrastructure and team alongside of us to get us to where we need to go – because we’ve got big work ahead of us.”

Margo Shulte Long, CEO of Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS)

“There is a trusted relationship there. CompuVision is absolutely strategic and innovative and they come to the table as a partner and friend. It’s a great way to go for any organization that’s looking to extend to a third party like this, so why wouldn’t you do it with somebody who feels like they’re part of your team already.”

Carolynne McCaughey, Director of Corporate Sevices at Morgan Construction and Environmental

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