Get Caught Sleeping at Work, Your Boss Will Thank you!

Apr 19, 2018

It was another busy morning at the CompuVision office when Branden Necula, Channel Manager found himself quite literally too tired to go on. After a nearly sleepless night caring for a sick pet, he was able to drag himself into work but found his concentration simply wasn’t there.

Under normal circumstances, he would be forced to chug a gallon of coffee and maybe be awake enough to be productive. Coffee would keep him up, but his work quality would suffer, and he’d be likely to have his sleep disrupted from the caffeine later that evening.

But what if things could be different?

It can be with pod assisted napping at work! Part spaceship, part therapy session, the sleep pod is here to make afternoon exhaustion a thing of the past which makes things better for employees and the company as a whole. As the CompuVision staff has enjoyed Alberta’s very first sleep pod, Branden’s story is one of many we’ve experienced around the office.

Benefits of a Sleep Pod

At CompuVision, we’ve already discovered a multitude of benefits to having our very own sleep guru on hand to make napping easy. With its heated interior and soothing vibrations, the sleep pod makes it possible to get in a short, productive nap quickly. Unlike falling asleep in a regular bed, the sleep pod has a range of features that help you to drift off quickly and also be woken up in a soothing way.

In the weeks since the sleep pod made its way into our office, the CompuVision staff has experienced increased productivity, decrease in afternoon lulls and an ability to stay later and work more effectively while still having energy when we get home. This increase in work/life balance has been an amazing help to many of our employees including Chris Aloy who recently welcomed a new baby into his life.

“Fatherhood has so far been an amazing adventure, but nothing can prepare you for the lack of sleep which takes a toll on you both physically and mentally. You try to compensate with caffeine but that only exacerbates the problem when all your body needs is a good rest. Since I began using the energy pod more regularly I have noticed a huge improvement not only at work but at home too! I feel much more alert in the office and I no longer dread those afternoon meetings. When I get home, I can actually help my wife instead of crashing on the couch… Incidentally, I’ve also noticed an improvement in the quality of sleep. The energy pod has been a lifesaver and I can honestly say that it has improved my quality of life both at home and in the office.”

– Chris Aloy

This is backed by sleep specialist, Manisha Witmans who says, “even short naps, as little as seven to 10 minutes, can be really helpful to be restorative.”

In the first issue of Disruption Magazine, Dr. Charles Samuels at the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance said “we are a sleepless society. The bottom line is that sleep health is important for individual health and productivity. However, sleep isn’t even something considered by most individuals for health or productivity. When we need to do more, the one thing given up is sleep…”

Not Just for Napping

As one CompuVision employee discovered, the sleep pod is also great for meditation and quiet reflection time.

“When I had the chance to try it out, I didn’t end up falling asleep, but I did take the time to meditate instead. I found it relaxing and it made the rest of my day better.”

– Loren Lasecki, Compliance Analyst

Meron Ghile, Project Coordinator added “To me it feels like I’m not at work anymore when I’m in there. And that escapism aspect alone is very valuable. The mental break assists the physical one I’m already getting. And I feel refreshed afterwards, especially before a meeting or long task ahead of me.”

Who Should Be Napping and When?

While all CompuVision employees are welcome to use our sleep pod, there are optimal times and ways to use it. Typically, if you already get 7 to 9 hours of shut eye, you are unlikely to benefit that much from the pod. Similarly, if you know that you usually feel more tired after a nap, then the sleep pod might not help you be anymore rested.

Ideally, the pod should be used for short naps of around 20 minutes and before 4 p.m. The goal here is to increase alertness so you can finish out your day strong while also having energy when you get home. Sleeping longer or later than this could disrupt your nighttime sleep and that’s not what you want!

Would you nap at work?

With our multitasking, constantly on the go society, it may seem like napping at work could only happen in your dreams, but the sleep pod makes it possible while also making your work easier and better. As we learn more about productivity and the benefits of rest, sleep pods are likely to show up in workplaces around Canada.

CompuVision is especially proud and excited to be the first company in Alberta to get this innovative device and we thank our CEO Ryan Vestby for his forward thinking and awesome dedication to the company and its staff!

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