The #3SkillsYEG Challenge, part 1: CompuVision joins the circus

Editor’s Note: The accompanying video was shot prior to the merger of CompuVision and Savvia, and as such makes reference to the now-retired Savvia company name.

Today’s post is my first for #3SkillsYEG, a challenge being put on by the Edmonton Public Library and the City of Edmonton.

As part of #3SkillsYEG, Edmontonians commit to learning three new skills in three months. For February, the theme was personal growth and wellbeing. For March, creativity and expression. For April, making our city better. It’s part of a larger City of Learners initiative that you can learn about in the EPL website.

Here at CompuVision, one of our three core values is to “Be Curious.” To us, that means always being driven by our curiosity to listen, learn and understand. We are curious about our customers and their businesses. We are curious about our staff, our industry, and new technology. But real curiosity knows no bounds.

That’s why we jumped at the chance to support the #3SkillsYEG challenge. As part of our commitment, our VP Strategy, Lindsay Dodd, also volunteered to present a free lunch and learn session about cloud computing for business on April 12, 2016.

Meanwhile I got to jump in with both feet and represent CompuVision as a #3SkillsYEG Learning Champion. Three skills in three months? And encourage others to join in? Challenge accepted!

I’m going to share my second new skill first (you’ll see why when I write about my first skill next week). For the March theme of creativity and expression, that meant joining the circus!

I suspect that most Edmontonians don’t even know that we’re home to our very own circus group and school. The Firefly Theatre and Circus puts on its own productions, is available for private bookings, and runs workshops and classes. Motivated by my curiosity and the #3SkillsYEG challenge, I rounded up a bunch of friends and signed up for Firefly’s Taste of the Circus workshop.

In a word? Awesome.

We got to learn some basic techniques on the trapeze and silks. I spent a fair amount of time upside down. I worked some muscles I didn’t even know I had.

Here are the results:

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