Re:Scam – Turning the Table on Scammers

Dec 5, 2017

Taking a quick scroll through my Spam folder in my email amuses me now.

I am greeted with the usual slew of brilliance that ends up here: emails promising “You Are Winning $3,000 Cash Bonus” and “Act Fast Before Time Runs Out on Your Big Settlement” and some questionable offers from a lady who is “in love already.”

While these are too obvious to trick anyone who’s had the internet for more than 45 seconds, there are plenty of email scams that do hit their targets and cause real damage. Costing upwards of $12 billion a year, phishing scams not only affect individuals but businesses as well.

Evening the Playing Field

It is time to introduce the world to Re:Scam.


First it is completely amusing.

Second it gives the scammers a taste of their own medicine.

What is Re: Scam and How Does It Work?

Re: Scam is an artificial intelligence email bot and just one of the many ways AI is getting even cooler and more useful in an everyday way.  When a phishing email is sent to the bot, it goes into action, responding to the scammer with realistic speech patterns including an endless list of questions. This forces the spammer to continue responding and wasting their time, using up their resources and delaying the possibility of moving onto a possible victim.

How To Use Re: Scam for You?

Go to and follow the instructions to forward your scam emails to have an AI bot mess with the scammer who sent the email.

Here is an example from RESCAM off their video paraphrased (if you want to see the whole thing and have a chuckle, I suggest watching the video). Read as the scammer who tried to attack your business spends countless minutes trying to get banking info out of a bot who has all the time in the world and no chance of getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

EMAIL SENT BY SCAMMER: Do you wish to be a member of the great illuminati family? Do you want to be [sic] payment $5,000,000 weekly? Let us now [sic] if you are interested in success,”

RESCAM BOT RESPONSE: Dear Illuminati, what a wonderful surprise! I’d love to join your secret club. Do you do a bingo night?”

EMAIL SENT BY SCAMMER: There is no bingo night. Please send bank details to receive payments.

RESCAM BOT RESPONSE: “Terrific! But to avoid detection I’m going to send my bank account details through one number at a time”

Editors Note: You can explore more scam emails and the bot’s hilarious responses on their website.

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