Small Places for Paper

During this paperless blog series we have talked about scenarios when paper actually has made sense. There are only a few of these instances and most things in life and business can and should be paperless.

I want to discuss the areas of my life where I value paper. Though there are not many, paper is still a tool that even I like sometimes in very small places.

1) Toilet Paper

You have no idea how many people who hear about my plight to go paperless ask me about toilet paper. Just like this video, I am sure we can all agree that toilet paper has value (take a watch it will give you a good chuckle).

2) Greeting Cards

I love receiving cards. Cards of thanks when I give a referral or send a gift means someone took some time to think about me. In this paper transaction it is more than the card that I receive, but rather the person who I am receiving it from. So please don’t stop sending me cards just because I have gone paperless. I still enjoy them and send them out. An e-card just isn’t the same, and I truly value the time and personal sentiment of the paper card.

3) Memories

There are a few things from my kids that I have that are on paper. In my office I have colouring sheets that I have framed and turned into art. If my kids were still that young I would encourage them to draw on paper, but also show them how to do so on an Ipad. They would have the best of both worlds approach to creativity.

However there is something amazing in the memory I have colouring with them on paper with crayons and a little bit of my time. I encourage parents to show them both worlds but I would never give up these memories for a scanned copy.

Photography is another memory in the paper list. While most of my photos can now be either scanned or put into an e-book, there are a few pictures we have framed around the house that I like looking at.

Where it becomes a problem for me is when photos get printed and are not organized, framed or used in a constructive way. They are printed just to be printed. Here the paperless world can make all the difference in preserving the memory of photos (more on that in another blog). So while the couple of photos in frames I actually look at on a day to day basis have value, the ones stuffed into photo boxes in an unorganized manner do not and I would prefer them paperless.

Everyone’s paperless journey is going to be different. People see value in different things. Even if you only try one area of this blog series to go paperless, that is one more area than you had before.

Start with small achievable goals and structure. Think about how you would organize yourself and in the end, you may find that some, very small things in your life still run on paper – and that’s okay.

Paperless doesn’t have to be an all in mentality. To me it is about embracing technology advances, being organized and finding the tools that make everyday life more efficient. My tools may not be the right ones for you and you may find even better ones (please share) on your paperless quest.

The paperless journey is whatever you want to make it for you. It’s your toilet paper, use it as you like.

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