An SMB Digital Adoption Plan for $1500 or Less—Thanks to the Canadian Government!

Do you feel your small or medium-sized business (SMB) is behind the curve with digital adoption? Maybe you struggle to keep up with what digital adoption even means? Or where to begin?

If so, the Canadian government has provided the perfect opportunity to get you started—for $1500 or less. CompuVision is honored to be a CDAP-approved digital advisor that can help you with your digital adoption for an unusually low cost.

This opportunity is called the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). Eligible SMBs must be sole proprietors (or businesses incorporated under the laws of Canada or a province / territory), for-profit, privately owned, between 1 and 499 full-time equivalent employees, and between $500,000 and $100 million in annual revenue during one of the previous three years.

Specifically, the Boost Your Business Technology part of the program means:

  • You can apply for a grant that covers up to 90% of the eligible costs (up to $15,000) of a government-approved digital advisor (such as CompuVision) helping you develop a digital adoption plan.
  • You are eligible for up to a $100,000, 0% interest Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) loan to help you implement the plan.

What does digital adoption cover? It’s a broad term that includes many aspects of cybersecurity and information technology, but a few common examples include:

  • Cybersecurity assessments, tools, and implementation of best practices
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Updating and implementing cybersecurity and IT policies
  • Sourcing and implementing a new ERP system
  • Moving from on-premise servers to cloud systems
  • Moving from manual to automated processes
  • Improving workflows and processes through modernizing applications
  • Upgrading systems in place that currently aren’t working
  • Procuring technologies, applications, and tools related to digital adoption
  • Onboarding costs for any of the above efforts

The good news is that CompuVision can help you navigate this program and develop your digital adoption plan. The process would include:

  • Helping you access the CDAP website’s assessment tools and complete your Digital Needs Assessment.
  • Working with you on the cost and scope of your digital adoption plan.
  • Developing your digital adoption plan.
  • Submitting your plan to CDAP and requesting the grant to cover your costs.
  • Helping you apply for a loan from BDC to cover the costs of implementing our plan.

Our digital adoption plan will meet CDAP requirements and contain actionable information for your SMB including:

  • An executive summary
  • An analysis of your current digital state
  • Recommendations
  • An implementation roadmap

We would love to help you with your digital transformation efforts, navigate through the CDAP process, and pay for most of the costs of a plan and implementation. Reach out to us today—we are ready to help.

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