CVS Amazing Race: Recap

Aug 8, 2017

An annual tradition with our team, this blog will be dedicated to all those who were involved in making the CVS Amazing Race event a huge success. The idea originally came from an employee who wanted to do a city chase in 2014.

As the fourth amazing race ended, chatter in the room filled the air. It was over 90 minutes since the actual race ended and winner was announced. Yet a buzz of excitement radiated in the common room at the CompuVision office.  All team members, volunteers and some family members, recapped their experiences with this years’ CVS Amazing Race.

I sat down with the Social Committee Chairman (SCC) to get some insights into the day. Here is what he had to say.

Marketing: What was your involvement in the event?

SCC: This is my second time being involved in the CVS Amazing Race, however it started in 2014. This year I started organizing it in April and asking for staff volunteers shortly after that. The most difficult part is not telling people about it while you are planning it. It gets exciting and we have to keep it on the down-low so no one has advantages during the race. Keeping all volunteers and yourself quiet for months is no easy task!

Marketing: What were some of the goals you wanted to achieve with the event?

SCC: Healthy Competition, teamwork and living our values. It was important to randomize the teams because it was important to push people to interact with those who they might not get to see on a daily basis. We wanted to see friendship and competition within the teams as they went through the race. This year we themed everything to our CVS DNA. It is the first year we had a theme and I think it went well. Everything we did was driven by our values of: Be Curious, Serve As One and Go Beyond.

The T-shirts showcasing the teams and the CVS DNA
Marketing:  Can you give us some examples of how the theme was used?

SCC: Sure. For ‘Be Curious’ we took our team to the Edmonton Valley Zoo. They had to go and find 3 animals based on a small bit of information. We also took them to the Aviation Museum in Kingsway. We then confiscated their phones, and they were given 4 or 5 questions that they had to find the answers to about the historical planes. They were so accommodating and great to work with that we donated 250 dollars to the museum after the race.

Marketing: What about the other DNA values?

SCC: For the DNA value ‘Serve as One’, we did an egg toss. Each team member had to throw the egg to each-other with 5 eggs and get to the length of the total parking lot. The team also had to run through a 75-foot inflatable obstacle course together.  I really enjoyed putting the Go Beyond elements together. Every single clue had a go beyond element. That was done to showcase how we work every day. It is not required to go beyond but it is always advantageous if you do. We wanted to make it fun to go beyond as a team. Reward for successfully going beyond got them tips to help them with the end riddle.

The Egg Toss

Marketing: What was your favorite part?

SCC: The end was the best. The first team got to the end 15 minutes before the second team. However, the second team won in the end.

Marketing: So, in total, 8 stations, 5 locations being The Edmonton Valley Zoo, Kingsway, Jasper Place EPL, Hawrelak Park, Coronation Park, how long did it take?

SCC: To complete the race took just over 3 hours. The winning team started at 1o am then finished at 1:30pm.

Inflatable obstacle course

Marketing: What can people expect for next year?

SCC: Longer, more stations. A more extravagant suit for Cory and a more complex final challenge (muahahaha).

Marketing: Anything else you want to add?

SCC: I want to shout out to one of our staff’s husbands.  It’s his second year being put in a hot costume in 26-degree heat, this year being an inflatable T-rex suit.  Showing that not just our staff live our DNA but it extends to their family as well.  It goes back to the theme of the race, and our opening speech:

“At CompuVision we live by our DNA.  Serve as One, Be Curious, Go Beyond.  We’ve made some challenges to test your DNA.  Each Challenge will give you the option to Go Beyond.  Going Beyond takes more time, and while not required to move onto the next challenge, could be the difference between victory and defeat.  Documentation is also a very important part of CompuVision.  You should keep any documentation given to you, it might be needed in the future.”

 compuvision team

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