COVID-19 Precautions and Preparations

Mar 13, 2020

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The last few weeks have seen the worldwide spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) become increasingly serious, and we have all been watching with growing concern. Currently the public health risk to Canadians remains low, but as we have seen with the increase in cases in just the last couple of days, things can change very quickly. 
The World Health Organization (WHO) have now officially declared a pandemic, and it is our responsibility as part of the global community to work as one. Our Noble Promise, the relentless pursuit for the success of others, is just as applicable to the wellbeing of our staff as it is to the business success and preparedness of our clients. 

What We Are Doing 

Last week, CompuVision began to implement a range of measures designed to protect our employees, our clients, our vendors and our communities. 

  • We implemented an at-home work policy 
  • We moved to video conferencing for meetings 
  • We implemented daily disinfection of high-touch surfaces 
  • We brought our staff up to date with handwashing and hygiene best practices 
  • We installed hand sanitizers throughout our offices 
  • We have stopped travelling for business in all but essential cases 
  • We are closely monitoring the pandemic, and are updating our responses as necessary 

Any member of our team who has travelled to or been in close contact with someone who has come from a high-risk area must work from home. If COVID-19 continues spreading in our communities, which seems increasingly likely, anyone with even a mild cough or low-grade fever (37.3 C or more) will need to stay at home. These measures are in keeping with WHO’s Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19 recommendations. 

Helping Our Clients Prepare 

Many of our clients are assessing their preparedness for a potential lockdown or widespread self-quarantine. CompuVision has your back, and we are here to help. 
First and foremost, wherever possible, ensure essential members of your teams can work from home. Speak to your Strategic Advisor (SA) to learn about your work from home options. Please do not call the service desk for work from home information.  
Next, consider adopting technologies that can enable a productive remote workplace. Most of CompuVision’s customers utilize Microsoft Office 365, and there is a wide range of tools available to ensure continued collaboration and productivity. With Microsoft Teams you can easily hold sales calls, vendor meetings, internal meetings, and more remotely, meaning that essential business processes do not have to be disrupted. 
For many, Microsoft Teams is already part of your Office 365 package. Here are some resources to help to get you started: 
How To Download Teams 
Microsoft Teams Video Training
Finally, your employees, customers, vendors, and investors may want to hear from you about your actions and any disruptions for which they should prepare. CompuVision is ready to provide advice and support in navigating conversations about your technical readiness. 

CompuVision Readiness 

CompuVision’s high-level business continuity plan has been implemented, and we have begun transitioning our staff to Work From Home. 
Our service desk remains operational, with calls and services routed as per our business continuity plan.  We are experiencing higher volumes than normal already and are adding further resources to our response teams. We ask for your patience as we deal with the higher volume of support requests. 
For the safety of your people and ours, we anticipate we will need to restrict travel further in the coming days and weeks.  Depending on how the situation unfolds, we may be required to limit onsite visits to essential work only. During this time we will be assessing projects that have onsite work that is scheduled. Your Project Manager will reach out to discuss any changes. 
We will continue to provide remote support as per normal, routing requests to available technicians, and at this time any emergencies or critical services that require onsite assistance will still be available.  
COVID-19 has disrupted the global supply chain. This may result in temporary delays, and we ask you to have patience with us in fulfilling orders. CompuVision has increased our inventory and we are confident in our ability to respond quickly with asset replacements, additions, and upgrades. However, if you do have approved projects with specific hardware requirements in the pipeline, please plan accordingly, and do be prepared for some delay in product delivery. The entire IT industry is scrambling after the same limited stock. If you currently have approved project work your Project Manager will be reaching out to discuss any impacts to your specific project with delays. 


We do not want to overreact, and we will continue to take guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization. 
We will send out further updates as the situation at CompuVision and in our community develops. In the meantime, we send our very best wishes to you and your family.

Update: March 17

As the COVID-19 virus streaks through communities around the world, another threat is making itself known: cyber criminals. For many companies, new remote work options have been quickly put together and security has been relaxed to allow more staff members to work from home. This, coupled with fears over the virus itself, has given cyber criminals an opportunity to exploit WFH via phishing and RDP/remote access vulnerabilities. Find out how to keep you and your staff safe.

Update: March 18

CompuVision joins the #YegTechCares initiative. We are proud of all our staff that are supporting the community during this time, and are matching donations to the Edmonton Food Bank. Find out more:

Update: March 23

CompuVision’s open-access resource page is now live. We have gathered resources to support our clients and the business community through this time. Check back regularly for the latest IT tips, guidance and tutorials to stay secure and productive while working remotely.

Sign up for free live training webinars weekly and view the popular topics hitting our service desk. Go to

Update: March 31

Update to our clients:

During this time, we are experiencing heightened call volumes. Despite the call volumes of the last two weeks, we still saw a 94% average customer survey score while moving thousands of end users so quickly to work from home. During this time, we continued our smilebacks program raising money for the Stollery Children’s Hospital during a record setting quarter of tickets and responses. We are proud of the work of our team and the repeated demonstration of our core values: Go Beyond, Serve As One, Be Curious.

At the same time, we’re seeing an increase of cybersecurity attacks, both social engineering and scans for things like unsecure systems and open RDP (remote desktop connection).  We are asking clients to be heightened in awareness for anything suspicious, and to use our resources page to learn more about cybersecurity best practices. We are hosting a live phishing training session on April 2nd for anyone interested in learning more about how to be vigilant during this time. Sign up here.

I want to thank all our staff for the tireless commitment they have to our clients and the community. The #YEGTECHCARES initiative, that asked our employees to donate one hour to the Edmonton Food Bank with a matching program from CompuVision, raised over $150,000 last week and continues to grow. See more at

David Bridges, President CompuVision

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