Confessions of a Paperholic

This week in our Paperless blog, we feature a guest post from Jacquie Gaglione, our Director of Recruitment and Training, and a self-proclaimed Paperholic.

I love paper. I really do.

I scrapbook and make cards. I want to rip the paper and see the ink on my fingers. I have tried digital scrapbooking a few times, but I feel confined by it. I can’t mix and match inks and mediums. It is all so flat. I need to feel the folds, textures, contours and layers.

I am also not an early adopter. I get overwhelmed with new technology — although, I have discovered, it is not really the technology most of the time, but just that there is so much out there, I don’t know where to start.

When you add these two together, it makes moving to the cloud seem daunting and impossible.

Truthfully, I haven’t had to figure technology out to any great extent. My husband works in the tech field and so I always get him to set things up. He has tried to get me to move to paperless over the past couple of years, but I have resisted. Where do I even start? Again, it overwhelms me.

I like being able to pull out a file folder and flip through the paper to find exactly what I want. I don’t seem to be able to find information as quickly when I look through a bunch of files digitally. I have a variety of physical notebooks and can flip through them quickly to look back at old meeting notes. It is easy to grab my notebook when I head to a meeting, and then to jot my notes. It is more cumbersome to grab my laptop.

Recently, I have started to move more paperless and to the cloud.  I know what all the “renaissance people” of paper, my tribe, my paper community, are asking: why?

A few reasons:

  • I recently got a new laptop with a battery that holds a charge so I can truly do the anywhere workplace (my old laptop had to be plugged in or it would die within minutes). Having the right technology is essential!
  • I changed cell phone plans and got more data so I can use my phone as a hotspot when I’m working somewhere without WiFi (although most places have WiFi now, I work at one place in the country where it is not available)
  • Living in Alberta and seeing the implications of a mass evacuation from the Fort McMurray wildfire, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of having information in the cloud and not just backed up to a hard drive stored offsite. This was a huge A-Ha for me.
  • I’ve started to create documents which need input from multiple people and being able to have them all edit in OneDrive is awesome (think potluck sign up for example)

Today, I hit the motherload of commitment to the cloud and there is no turning back.

I help my parents out running their businesses and my mom wanted to send some tax files to the accountant. I thought it was as good a time as any to set up and use OneDrive. We had talked about the cloud before, but never fully pulled the trigger. She already had Office 365 for her email, contacts and calendars, but that is all.

I logged into her Office 365 account and found her subscriptions. She was on a basic plan that just included the services she was already using. Looking into her options, I could see the Business Essentials plan would add cloud storage on OneDrive to her account. It asked me to confirm the subscription, a slight increase in price and new auto-renewal date. It took care of the rest automatically, updating within five minutes. It took about another five minutes for OneDrive to show up in her app list. Wow that was quick!

I opened OneDrive, created a folder and uploaded the files. Since we share files through OneDrive at CompuVision, I knew how to share it with the accountant (click the “three-dots” icon and choose share and then just type in the email address, a short message and click send). I was able to share the whole folder with the accountant, rather than just the individual files so he can access what he needs.

I have my fingers crossed that the accountant can then add this year’s documents to that folder and we don’t have to mess around with thumb drives. This might be a great learning opportunity for the accountant as well.

For today, I wanted to celebrate my cloud success. I pulled the trigger and have started this journey into cloud computing and guess what? I am excited about it.

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