4 IT Service Trends In Canada

Sep 2, 2019

Technology, even more than other industries, is constantly changing. As IT service specialists, keeping up with changing trends is not only important for our own industry but all of the industries we help to manage.

What kind of changes and improvements can clients expect? Here are some of the biggest trends we will be helping to implement in order to grow, manage and secure our clients’ networks now and into the coming year.

Cloud Services Will Continue to Expand

Google Drive, Apple Drive, Dropbox; the list keeps going. And with it, so does the demand for cloud services. Businesses now see the benefits of having all their data, files and information loaded up onto a secure cloud service that makes it easier to manage workflow, interact with customers and provide security. The simplicity and benefits of the service will see the demand for cloud-based service continue to rise over the next few years.

Need for Cyber Security Reaches All-Time High

With multiple public breaches in recent years, including high profile examples like the US election and Facebook, internet and data security are more important than ever. The rapid rise of these events puts the focus on managed IT services to step up and provide the increased protection clients need along with quality assurance, updated programs and a greater focus on data protection.

Embracing AI

Artificial intelligence has rapidly gone from futuristic, sci-fi technology to being a part of what we use in our daily lives. With the expanding capabilities of AI, we can expect to see quality managed IT services employing the technology to improve security response times and become increasingly intuitive.

Hyper-Personal Connection

One of the many advantages that improving technology has given us is the ability to hyper-personalize services. Managed IT services will offer options that work around the needs of individual companies and users along with easily accessible and adaptable customer support.

Overall, the biggest trend is more. More and better security, more customization and more of what it takes to help clients thrive and to create IT services that are indispensable to modern business success.

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