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Accelerate: Microsoft Planner – Ep 008

Ep 008 - Peter Jelonek of CompuVision shares how he has been using planner within the sales and marketing team at CompuVision. He shares some tips about how to get started and then use...

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Manage: Working From Home Tips – Ep 006

Ep 006 - Our Training and Engagement specialist Jacquie Gaglione shares her over 13 years of experience in working from home and how she manages her day to stay productive. To learn more...

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Manage: What is Procurement? – Ep 002

Ep 002 - In the IT world procurement is a word that gets tossed around but has so many meanings. We wanted to introduce you to the person behind the orders at CompuVision and why selling...

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Manage: Automated Dispatching – Ep 001

Ep 001 - Talks about our latest rollout of Automated Dispatching and the benefits to our clients. 10-second dispatching versus 10 minutes means your tickets get to the right resource a lot...

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