Case Studies

United Cycle: Internal infrastructure with back-up to the Cloud and 24/7 I.T. Support


Their Story:

United Cycle is a fourth-generation family business. Locally owned and operated, they’ve been keeping it in the family since 1928. With involvement in the community and creating a major impact for those they partner with, United Cycle really is a top leader in the sports and athletic retail community. United Cycle partners with a little league team with the same pride as they would a pro skier. With their ongoing work with Sport Central, they have helped children in need within the community access sport as a tool for growth and development. United Cycle happily hosts clubs and associations that meet and train regularly. The running and cycling clubs offer a great way for people to get to know like-minded members of the community while taking health & fitness to the next level… whatever that level might be.


CompuVision was prepped that this would be a challenging I.T. environment before we even started with United Cycle. United Cycle had previously worked with nine different I.T. consultants, but their hardware and software was ceasing to work on a weekly basis. United Cycle felt they weren’t getting the advice or solutions to really address their entire business needs on a big picture level.


Responsive service with strategic I.T. advice to fit how United Cycle’s business operates. Focus on the POS system, as United Cycle is open as a local retail outlet and as on online e-commerce store with challenging hours, therefore their need for support is magnified as it truly is a 24/7 support scenario. When there are transactions to be processed they can’t afford to go down, so limited- to no downtime was a must.


CompuVision has added value with our Strategic Service and I.T. plan for United Cycle. We uncovered their unique business needs and addressed them from a long term, big picture standpoint. CompuVision put in monthly support and have a team of senior service advisors that really “get” the United Cycle’s unique challenges and situation. With e-commerce, CompuVision has built out the United Cycle’s infrastructure and security measures, and will continue to do so as they grow.


The others didn’t have the big picture. They were micro specialists. CompuVision just gets it, with the big picture strategic services we receive. This is where we needed to go to solve our problems. With CompuVision the value add is with the IT & strategic plan and where we are going. Also how it impacts our unique business needs. The strategic role is what makes you different. The quality of staff is what makes you different. Smart individuals with a knowledge base giving valuable advice. CompuVision is really good at identifying risks and articulating those to business. They help us understand for our business what is a priority and how we can move to mitigate and manage those risks. We are in an unique work environment and we needed the business strategy to play a big part in our IT. CompuVision provides this for us and we are raving fans.

Larry Jenkinson, CFO, United Cycle