Case Studies



Their Story:

Established in 2003, Surepoint Group is a premier industrial contractor specializing in electrical and instrumentation services, automation, mechanical, equipment fabrication and integrated modular solutions. We work within many sectors and have branches located in strategic areas in order to provide our clients with dependable and responsive service.


After investigating their previous technology ecosystem, SurePoint agreed that the costs associated to their current cloud solution were extremely high.  The goal was to find a solution that would  move their environment to a solution that would decrease infrastructure costs, simplify the management and minimize total downtime.  Along with these items, it was also very important that the solution had flexible disaster recovery options. CompuVision also advised on a data refinement plan, with data analytics and business intelligence so that Surepoint could always have a dashboard of their business and KPIs.       

The Challenge:

There is a significant amount of preparation that goes into migrating data.  In SurePoint's case, we were looking at moving data to Microsoft Azure.  Some of the challenges with this change included moving data from an alternative data center and the deployment of the data to the new data center.

The Solution:

CompuVision completed the migration decreasing the monthly hosting costs and increasing the recoverability of data.  Microsoft Azure is backed up by a 99.9 percent SLA and 24x7 support to keep business' running smoothly.  This solution also has best-in-class recovery point and recovery time objectives.  Azure's flexible disaster recovery options, including Geo diverse datacenters adds to the benefits of this solution, as well as the seamless integration with Office 365.  CompuVision worked closely with SurePoint to ensure that the change was made with minimal disturbance and advised a solution that filled the disaster recovery needs of the customer. With the data analytics, the business intelligence component was built using POWERBI and implemented into their organization for use quickly and without disturbance. They currently use these analytics to solve business function problems, with real time data and insights into the business.


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When we started our relationship with CompuVision we were not just looking for an IT service provider, but more so a partner to help us get our IT infrastructure in order. Today we can truly say that CompuVision is more than just a trusted guide to our organizational technology requirements, but they have also become friends. The CompuVision team helps to ensure we are well informed about the power of technology and the role it can play in our business. Plus the data analytics and business intelligence component they provide moves the needle dramatically on how we solve our business function problems. The folks at CompuVision have also helped us mitigate risk in regards to our back end disaster recovery and put a proactive plan in place to manage our day to day operations. The way they look at building partnerships, their vision for being disruptive and innovative, and the positive energy that they give off, especially when discussing the possibilities for the future of technology, definitely gets our team and I excited. We truly appreciate all of the technical expertise and guidance that CompuVision brings to the table, but as, or maybe more importantly, the way they are culturally throughout their organization is truly awesome and is one of the biggest reasons why we are proud to be their partner.

Trevor Muir, CEO Surepoint