Case Studies

Edmonton International Street Performers Festival: Cloud Services with I.T. Support and Strategic Business Solutions.


Their Story:

One of the ten major festival events in Edmonton’s busy summer schedule, the Street Performers Festival enjoys an enviable level of community support. Audiences have grown steadily over the festival’s history to 250,000, a dedicated corps of 225 volunteers fuels the Festival, and local businesses sponsor many of the Festival’s events. The current status of the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival is something that could hardly have been anticipated when the concept of a festival for street performers originated in 1985 by Sheldon Wilner and Dick Finkel. It’s the Festival’s reputation – not the size of the event – that stimulates street performers to seek the chance to perform at the festival, and encourages audiences to vote the event Edmonton’s “best loved festival” as they return year after year.


Privacy and continuous uptime. Street Performers Festival has a very unique situation in their office. They have only one, year round, full time staff member. Then they explode during festival time, quickly. They also have limited resources with only 6 or 7 computers in the main office that are used regularly and often to hold and share most of their information. Safety of the information is also key concern. Privately keeping information confidential yet shared to those who need access to it. Also, during festival time especially, they needed a system that would work with high volume needs from anywhere on the festival grounds, and have continuous uptime.

The Outcome:

CompuVision looked at the whole picture to provide appropriate tech support. We have the Street Performers Festival on 24/7/365 support services on the phone or on-site if needed. During festival time we set up wireless Internet, workstations, the LCD display (schedule of events), printing needs, and routing platforms for mobile (4G LTE) and broadband needs. They also have an account tech who is prioritized just for them while the festival is underway. During the rest of the year we work with Street Performers to investigate new technologies that support the needs, growth and efficiency of the festival.


Saved by CompuVision – CompuVision saves us with our age range and techno enthusiasm. We have people who know little about computers, and CompuVision will solve the issues they have without upper management interference. However our admin can phone for a specific critical piece whether it’s day or night, at home or office, we have access to everything and the support, assistance and back-up solutions that CompuVision provide. You also have me set up for travel. If I go away I have access to all my work documents and I can work remotely. It is really an anywhere solution for anywhere problems – at anytime. With our day-to-day operations all the way to festival time, strategy is the secret sauce that CompuVision provides.

Shelley Switzer, Artistic Producer