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CompuVision prepares Optimum Talent for growth.

“The word I would use to demonstrate working with CompuVision is ‘partnership’. They took the time to understand our current and future business needs and were extremely thorough in their approach; meeting with stakeholders across practices, across levels, and across geographies to ensure they truly understood our business needs.”

Optimum Talent
Nicole Maxfield,
Director of Systems and Operational Efficiency

The CompuVision experience.

Our journey with Optimum Talent is a story about how two small companies became one medium company.

We worked in partnership with them to help upgrade their thinking, moving from handling IT, email and servers in house, and seeing IT as a cost, to outsourcing their IT management and realizing the potential of IT as a business driver.

With us at their side to Manage, Protect and Accelerate, this change in thinking has allowed them to move forward, and puts them in the driving seat so that when they want to expand further, they are in the perfect position to do so.

CompuVision’s Managed Services restructured both the technology culture and operational efficiency of IT at Optimum Talent. We were able to provide a range of benefits, taking the pressure off the organization and providing an improved and exemplary service across the board.
  • A consolidated single service model across the country.
  • Access to a large and expert service team.
  • Delivery Management added tiered support and allowed monitoring, analysis and improvement of existing processes.
  • Addition of accurate metrics and regularly updated KPIs gave them access to a far greater amount of data about how the organization was working.
After a comprehensive risk analysis and assessment of vulnerabilities, the team at CompuVision were able to significantly improve the level of cyber security and disaster recovery options available to Optimum Talent.
  • Deployed Cylance at Optimum on all of their endpoints.
  • Ensured that Optimum are backed up locally at all of their sites, and geo-redundantly from Eastern Canada to Western Canada and vice versa.
  • Disaster recovery protocols and implementations mean that in the event of a flood in their Calgary office, their servers would be up and running in Toronto within the next 1-2 days.
  • KnowB4 training with the entire staff complement at Optimum enables them to act as the first line of defense against human-targeted attacks.
We took a deep dive into the organization’s strategic goals and developed a comprehensive roadmap for IT success, which has been successfully implemented over the last three years, with outstanding results.
  • Carried out a full IT Business Assessment including interviews with key stakeholders, and developed a comprehensive suite of technology and business recommendations designed to accelerate processes and operations across the organization.
  • Working with us Optimum have now executed on almost every recommendation, vastly increasing organizational stability and streamlining processes across the business.
  • Recommendations included migrating to the Cloud via Invenias, standardizing onto Office365, and investing in Skype for Business.
  • Recommendations allowed flexible working and greater collaboration, delivered five figure cost savings, and increased stability and manageability through using single standard solutions for everyday processes.
  • Redundant software was streamlined and removed, their accounting system was replaced and moved to the Cloud, and a pilot project is currently underway to move to SharePoint.

Technology impact and key results.

In partnership with CompuVision, Optimum has a far better understanding of the potential of their IT, and are able to manage it far more effectively to deliver better results. They are now better protected against cyber security risks, and staff have a far greater awareness of their role in defending against malicious attackers. The business plan for technology has accelerated by leaps and bounds thanks to the execution of their IT roadmap and recognizing the strategic planning goals for the future.

Resolution Speed Improved


Employee Satisfaction Increased


Risk Reduction


Cost Savings per Year

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Optimum Talent’s Story

Optimum Talent enables organizations to achieve success through people. We collaborate with leading organizations to recruit, develop, engage, retain, and transition talent. The result for our clients is a stronger employer brand, and a team of talent with the capability to achieve their business goals.

With origins dating back over 40 years, Optimum Talent has grown to over 260 colleagues operating in 13 offices from coast to coast. We provide expertise in Executive Search, Leadership Assessment and Development, and Career Transition and Outplacement.

“The result of that effort has been a staged approach that has immediately impacted our colleague productivity in a meaningful way and will continue to enhance our client and colleague experience as we complete the additional phases.”

Nicole Maxfield, Director of Systems and Operational Efficiency, Optimum Talent

Under the hood – how we worked together.

We partnered with Optimum Talent to embark on a major IT infrastructure refresh, designed to invest in an underdeveloped environment and provide stability as a launchpad for success. As the project progressed it developed and grew, and offered a number of challenges, but the solutions we implemented have left Optimum Talent in a great position, far more agile and ready for future growth.


Optimum Talent partnered with CompuVison Systems to embark on a major IT Infrastructure refresh. Stretching the length and breadth of Canada, with 13 strategically positioned offices, the goal was to refresh an environment that had lacked investment for several years. CompuVision needed to create a stable environment to enable Optimum Talent to partner with organizations to recruit, develop, train and transition top talent.


The scale of the change required was complicated, but we knew that if we approached it in phases that we could make significant advancements for Optimum Talent. During the initial design phases Optimum Talent also acquired Conroy Ross Partners to increase their national footprint. This added to the complexity as the environment was originally about an infrastructure refresh and now was also about migrating tools, systems and processes. CompuVision created an IT Roadmap with multiple phases to guide the customer through this transitional time.


CompuVision first worked with TELUS to right size the MPLS network connections. We knew that we needed a solid backbone to the environment to be able to deliver Optimum Talent’s requirements. Optimum Talent wanted to move its Exchange infrastructure to the cloud and utilize Office 365 capabilities.

We migrated both the existing Conroy Ross Office 365 users and on premise Optimum Talent Exchange server to a single tenancy in the cloud. This streamlined the flow of email and communications and greatly helped in the company rebranding process. This mail migration included the movement of more than 250 mailboxes.

We expanded Optimum Talent’s storage capabilities with the introduction of a Nimble storage SAN and consolidated large amounts of data for both Optimum Talent and Conroy Ross. We performed environment updates with new networking equipment, UPS and neat patching and also optimized backup solutions to protect corporate data.

The final phases of the project included a server migration and refresh. This goal was to simplify administration and the onboarding processes making Optimum Talent more agile and ready for future growth.

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