Innovators and Disruptors

Careers at CompuVision

We’re taking on the tech world and looking for a few good dragon slayers to join the team. If you love tech, talking about tech and working with a group of people who will totally get why you’re so jazzed about new tech, CompuVision could be your new home!

Life at CompuVision

Why do we call it life?

For too many people, it feels like their “real” life stops the second they get to work but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At CompuVision, we strive to create an environment that becomes a part of a life you can be proud of and enjoy – at work and outside it.

We strive to bring together people who love what they do and love helping others. When we all work towards those goals, we create a work-life that actually works.

Our goal is to help you build a life you don’t need a vacation from. Of course, we still take vacations, we’re not total robots – mostly.

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between their work and their play, their labour and their leisure, their mind and their body, their education and their recreation. They hardly know which is which. They simply pursue their vision of excellence through whatever they are doing and leave others to determine whether they are working or playing. To themselves they always seem to be doing both.”

L.P. Jacks

How do we support life at CompuVision?

At CompuVision, creativity is more than just encouraged – it is rewarded and facilitated with the tools you need to think bigger and build better. We are a team of collaborators, innovators, and strategists looking for people who can grow with us.

And how do we help you grow and be your best self? We offer extensive personal and professional learning opportunities that can enrich all areas of your life. Want to learn to code? Take leadership lessons? Perfect your downward-facing dog in a yoga class? We make it happen! We value curiosity and believe that personal growth not only makes you happier but also better at your job.

We know our company is only as good as the team we assemble and that is why we work hard to find the best and keep the best. We offer competitive salaries, great benefits, and generous vacation time.

Our corporate culture is built around the idea that people are happier, do better and work better when they are given the opportunity to carve their own path. By building our culture around trust and autonomy, we have created a respectful, mutually beneficial environment that supports free-thought and innovation. Also, we’re pretty darn fun too if we do say so ourselves.

This is life at CompuVision.

Innovative, collaborative, and a great place to call home.

At CompuVision, we have spent our decades in operation dedicated to innovation, putting customers first and helping our team to grow personally and professionally. We have built our team to facilitate creativity and bring out the best in ourselves.

Be Curious

We encourage our employees to explore new technology, and use our Disruption Council to hone skills, nurture a passion for technology, and create innovative solutions and opportunities for our clients.

Go Beyond

Since its foundation, CompuVision leaders have deliberately created a culture where our employees create lifetime clients, going above and beyond on every project, ensuring we are not simply regarded as ‘the guys who fix computers’.

Serve as One

Collaboration is key to our work, and our continued success. We encourage teamwork in every aspect of our business, with colleagues from across the organization working together. We use this approach to make our team stronger and our services for our clients better.

Together we can do more and be more

Growing with CompuVision

Our employees, our team – they are what makes CompuVision work and what makes us grow and be able to reach our goals. We may be a tech company, but our people are the heart of what we do. And in everything we do, our goal is to create an environment of support where we can grow together and be more and do more than we could do individually.

David Bridges
President, CompuVision

Let’s grow together

Our team is curious, goes beyond expectations and has a desire to help people. It’s what gets us out of bed each day. If this aligns with your desire and passion to become the best in your field, then we are the place for you.