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CompuVision manages technology, leveraging best practices and shared resources to positively impact technology usage within an organization.

IT Solutions to Manage, Protect and Accelerate

CompuVision is an IT management and consulting company that leverages technological innovations for small, medium and large businesses, now and in the future.

Experience more savings, more security and more productivity, backed up by long-term strategic planning, support, and anticipation of our clients’ needs.

Our approach is defined by our Noble Promise, building growth-minded people, which informs everything we do and every project we take on.

“Over the past few years we have grown from an idea of what was possible, to a place where we stand with a quiet pride at the end of the day on what we have created, and what we have accomplished for our clients, partners, staff and community. We are transforming ourselves to meet the changing needs of our clients, and weather the ever changing landscape that technology seems to be.”

Ryan Vestby, CEO, CompuVision

Leveraging disruption in the service of our clients.

By identifying each of our client’s business imperatives and technology challenges, we are able to create plans to mitigate their issues and address challenges through innovation and disruptive technology. Our Disruption Council puts us at the helm of emerging technologies for us and for our customers.

Be Curious

We encourage our employees to explore new technology, and use our Disruption Council to hone skills, nurture a passion for technology, and create innovative solutions and opportunities for our clients.

Go Beyond

Since its foundation CompuVision’s leaders have deliberately created a culture wherein our employees create lifetime clients, going above and beyond on every project, ensuring we are not simply regarded as ‘the guys who fix computers’.

Serve as One

Collaboration is key to our work, and our continued success. We encourage teamwork in every aspect of our business, with colleagues from across the organization working together, and we leverage this approach consistently with our clients.

Solutions rooted in innovation.

At CompuVision, we have spent 30 years dedicated to innovation and putting customers first. We help businesses and organizations of all sizes to get the most from their IT investments.

Leveraging best practices and shared resources to positively impact your experience with IT.

Innovation obsessed, our team uses the latest IT strategies and technological advances to help you grow.

Using top security tools and leveraging the latest in AI technology to proactively protect your business.

Reduce the friction of approvals, sign offs, and the upfront expenditure in IT projects.

A custom-fit information security package at an affordable price.

Add-on IT services at your fingertips. Take advantage of our highly efficient projects team.

We are driven by our desire to build growth-minded people.

Preparing for Growth with CompuVision

“The word I would use to demonstrate working with CompuVision is ‘partnership’. They took the time to understand our current and future business needs and were extremely thorough in their approach…”

Nicole Maxfield
Director of Systems and Operational Efficiency, Optimum Talent

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Expertise supported by partnerships.

Our partnerships allow us to combine expertise from across the sector, and bring enormous resources to the table on every project.

Canadian grown, globally connected.

CompuVision operates across North America, with our Canadian headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. Our US head office is located just outside of Houston, Texas.


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Our team is curious, goes beyond expectations and has a desire to help people. It’s what gets us out of bed each day. If this aligns with your desire and passion to become the best in your field, then we are the place for you.

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